We sailed on the Discovery Princess to see the April 8, 2024 total eclipse. I booked us on that the day the bookings opened for Elites, nearly three years out. I was really looking forward to it for the whole nearly three years! The only photos I have of the eclipse are other people’s photos, so I’m not putting them up here. But I will tell you that this eclipse are spectacular! There were big, pink prominences showing at the edge during totality. Those were visible with just eyeballs and really looked great through binoculars.

Our wonderful lady at Princess had snagged us a starboard, front corner of the ship Reserve Collection mini-suite. This turned out to be the absolute best. The ship was out at sea for the eclipse, and it sat stationary with starboard facing the sun. We were lucky enough to be able to watch the eclipse unfold from our own balcony, rather than one of the open decks. Our cabin was the category that I call “Big Fat Mini-suite.” There’re only four of these on the Royal Class ships, and I think they’re the absolute best. The two on Lido deck, which is what we had, have a bigger bedroom area and a smaller (although still very large) balcony/deck. This was the first time we had one of the ones on Lido. In the past, we’ve had one or the other of the two on Marina deck. Those are the opposite to the ones on Lido, in that they have a way (waaaayyy) larger deck and a smaller bedroom area.

Below is a delicious plate of lamb chops and veg, served on a truly stupid plate. A curved, rectangular plate with two sides that have no rim. What could possibly go wrong with that?

We had some truly beautiful days at sea.

And here’s the mandatory photo of the rock arch in Cabo San Lucas.

I think I’ll finish off this post with a sunset in Manzanillo.

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